7. Concussion related questions

Some reading we suggest

Where can I get BJSM Concussion Recognition Tool®?

Where can I get BJSM Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool™?

What is a concussion?

What causes a concussion?

What can happen as a result of a concussion?

How is concussion diagnosed?

Why is it important to know how hard the impact was?

Why is it important to know if you have had consecutive impacts on the head?

What do I do when I get a head impact?

What happens if I get many concussions?

Why is prevention is always better than treatment?

Can one recover from a concussion?

Is concussion serious?

How do I recognize a concussion?

How much force is needed to cause a concussion?

Can you tell me few good references or studies on the subject?

Are the levels similar that are used in crash tests in car industry?