4. Head sensor

Questions, answers and instructions regarding head sensor

How to attach head sensor with the Dock? How to attach head sensor to my own head band?

How to turn the sensor on and off? What does the led light tell me?

Can I access my data by computer or tablet computer? Can I import my data from the App?

How to wear ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor in a helmet?

Can I change Profile information or move sensor to another Profile?

Quick start guide – Head sensor & App

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When does the head sensor’s one-time registration code expire?

Is there a temperature range for the head sensor to work properly?

Is the head sensor waterproof?

Can I deactivate the automatic switch off?

Why is there an automatic switch off after 180 minutes in the head sensor?

How do I know how much “juice” there is left in my head sensor’s battery?

Can I use other devices featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology while using the head sensor?

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Can I use it for my toddler learning to walk?

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Should I be concerned about radiation from the head sensor?

An event happened but there is no data coming to the App. How to empty event data from head sensor’s memory?

How can I access profile’s event history and event data in App?

What is Tracker mode, and how to activate and deactivate it

Inserting and removing the coin cell battery

Head sensor setup and wear

How to attach the head sensor to a helmet?

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How long does the battery last?