5. Mobile application

Questions, answers and instructions regarding smartphone mobile application


How can I review Profile’s information?

What is the problem if an impact clearly occurs, but there is no information of it coming to App?

Can I access my data by computer or tablet computer? Can I import my data from the App?

Quick start guide – Head sensor & App

What smartphone devices are compatible with ACT Head Impact Tracker?

How the data moves from the sensor to the app?

How to register user account

How to create profile to your user account

How to add sensor to profile on your user account

Do I have to run ACT Head Impact Tracker app for the head sensor to receive impact information in near-real-time?

Where can I get the app? What operating system do I need?

I have iPhone, where can I get the app?

Is the app only available for Android phones?

My phone’s operating system was updated and now I have issues with my ACT Head Impact Tracker system, what should I do?

My ACT Head Impact Tracker app was updated and now it does not work, what should I do?

I have problems with entering my email address in the app!

How can I manage my user-id, my email is changing / has changed?

How can I change my user account password?

I forgot my password, how can I log in?

Why do I get warning on location / Bluetooth® wireless connection being disabled?

Why do I need to add a profile?

Can I have many profiles on my user account?

Can I have multiple sensors on my user account?

How can I manage my profile(s)?

How can I share my data with other users?

If I share my profile, is data on all the sensors’ on my profile shared with the shared contacts?

What are the service features and functionalities available?

Are there in-app purchases in the ACT Head Impact Tracker smartphone mobile app?

Why do you need my location?

What do you mean by my application being part of the system and my mobile data may be used?

If my phone with app breaks when I fall, does ACT Head Impact Tracker still function?

Does ACT Head Impact Tracker work if I’m outside the data coverage / phone has no reception?

How can I access profile’s event history and event data in App?

How to make and remove profile share

How to navigate App’s Menu: Scan sensors, In case of an incident, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, About and Log out?

How to navigate the app / To view information of specific Profile

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up your system

New ACT Head Impact Tracker App is released in Google Play Store.