• - ACT Head Impact Tracker is a measuring device to complement doing safe and responsible sports. It is designed for athletes, coaches, trainers and team personnel, co-athletes, families and friends of athletes.
  • - ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor has a built-in automatic switch off in 3 hours after switching it on. If your exercise last longer than 3 hours, remember to switch the sensor back on!
  • - Head sensor is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Contains small parts. Risk of suffocation!
  • - Children under 16 years old must use the products and services in adult supervision and must not submit any personal information to ACT Head Impact Tracker products or services.
  • - ACT Head Impact Tracker needs location services and Bluetooth® to be enabled, on and active in the mobile device for ACT Head Impact Tracker smartphone mobile App, and always when using it with ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor. Otherwise, ACT Head Impact Tracker will not function.
  • - Mobile device with ACT Head Impact Tracker smartphone mobile App must have valid SIM-card or e-SIM with mobile data and roaming (if needed) enabled, on and active, or be connected to Wi-Fi, to enable data transmission from head sensor to the mobile device with the App, from mobile device to the cloud service and from cloud service to the assigned mobile device(s). Otherwise, ACT Head Impact Tracker will not function as intended.
  • - Be aware of the data transfer range limitations between the head sensor and mobile device with the App. The range may vary for multiple reasons. Indoors and in other compromised conditions, in the case of an incident keep the distance between the two as short as possible. The range can be less than 10 meters.