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ACT Head Impact Tracker Android App update is out. ACTION REQUIRED FROM USERS!

September 2023

If your phone runs with new Android operating system (A12 or newer) you must give ACT App permission to use “Nearby devices”, or it cannot listen to the head sensors, nor receive data from them. You can give permissions in (path may vary between the devices) Settings > Applications > ACT > Permissions > give permission to use “Nearby Devices”.
Other updates:
– one-at-a-time head sensor active scan beta version for phone brands and models which previously did not work with ACT App
– time stamp fix
– revised battery icons
– new and improved graphics
– rotational movement measurement and graphics are added
(NOTE: rotational movement measurement is only available in ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor Pro),
– miscellaneous bug fixes, back end updates and improvements.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at contact(at)norspo.com or via contact form in www.act-tracker.com