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    Are you a coach, trainer, member of team/club personnel, athlete or a parent?
    Would you like to do more to improve athletes’ health, well-being and performance? Do you want to know and do more of what’s really happening out there while doing sports to your athletes or children? Do you want to lead the way and set example of establishing new responsible ways of operating in your team or Club? We want you to be able to do just that. That’s why we created ACT Head Impact Tracker. Do contact us. Together we can initiate the change for better and safer sports.

    Are you a sports sponsor, do you work for or own a company who is sponsoring sports, or planning to do so?
    What could be a better way to support team or club than enabling them to improve their athletes’ health, well-being and performance? If you want to be that responsible partner, contact us and let’s talk just how you can do that.

    Are you a researcher or a scientist?
    Thank you for being one. We would be honoured if could help and enable with ACT head Impact Trackers research and studies to improve the understanding of head impacts and their consequences. If you have a right question and ACT Head Impact Tracker could help you in finding an answer to it, do contact us to talk more.

    Are you a mouth guard, headwear or helmet manufacturer for sports?
    Together we can create intelligent gears and take the knowledge, safety and comfort to a whole new level. Why even consider spending years and hundreds of thousands of Euros/USD to develop something yourself when you can have it all working with us? No, you should not. Contact us, let’s talk more.

    Are you a helmet manufacturer for Occupational safety?
    Frequent head impacts may and do occur in multiple professions as well. Millions of professionals are out there every day and may suffer head impacts when doing their work and earning their living. The possible consequences of those head impacts are no different from those in sports and the issue in Occupational market should be addressed just the same. We could help you with that, contact us.

    Are you an actor in medical device market, looking to develop solutions for distant monitoring for the elderly?
    It would be crucial for any 1st responder to know if a person has hit their head. There is accurate means to find that out in a way which respects privacy. Do contact us and let’s talk more.