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The world’s first intelligent protective head band to change the game for good

November 2023

It is a scientifically proved that impacts and other violent forces acting on the head can cause Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and a variety of brain diseases. Another fact is that such events are frequent in a variety of sports, including American football, rugby, ice hockey, football (soccer), basketball, boxing, martial arts, many winter sports, cycling, equestrian, and motor sports.

Impacts, blows, and jolts may cause concussion. The cumulative effect of repetitive concussive and sub-concussive events is a insufficiently understood phenomenon, which may contribute to a wide variety of brain diseases. It is crucial to understand that traumas happening today may have an irreversible effect on athletes’ health and wellbeing later in their career and later life. Degenerative brain diseases resulting from recurring concussive or sub-concussive events, such as CTE, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, may manifest from 10 to even 30 years after the head trauma. This may give a false impression of harmlessness of the impacts and forces head is exposed to. This view must be challenged and consequently changed to develop safety in sports, defend health, and increase wellbeing of athletes in the short, medium, as well as in the long term.

To support the efforts for safer and healthier sports for the brain, two companies dedicated to improving athlete health and safety joined their forces, and created the world’s first intelligent protective head band: Gamepatch HeadGuard protective head band compatible with ACT Head Impact Tracker® head sensor and head sensor Pro. The GamePatch HeadGuard protective headband cushions against impacts on the head, while the ACT Head Impact Tracker head sensor measures the number and magnitude of the impacts and a log file with time stamps is created to keep track of impact history. ACT Head Impact Tracker is very versatile, it can be used to measure an individual athlete or on a team of athletes, on any skill level, gender, and age group.

Mr. Andis Blindis, CEO and Founder of Gamepatch, states: “With Gamepatch we are in the business of keeping athletes protected, healthy, and enabling them to perform at their best. If we can’t fix everything with gearing up, like in the case of brain safety and health, we must provide products with new “safety features”, like data. Teaming up with ACT Head Impact Tracker was hence the right thing to do when extending our line of protective gear into head gear. The world’s 1 st intelligent protective head band is making intervention to this grave issue of brain injuries and brain diseases in and due to sports possible for anyone who wants to do it. Which should be everyone.”

Ms. Heidi Kivimaa, CEO and CoFounder of Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence: “I’m very excited about the cooperation with Gamepatch and what it has enabled. The world’s 1 st intelligent protective head band is a great example of the possibilities two companies truly committed improving athletes’ health and safety can achieve together. Bringing in the experience and understanding of two complementary angles to the same problem, enabled us to combine the best of the two worlds and make a product of new era: design and materials for improved player-safety, combined with wearable electronics providing highly relevant data to improve on the athletes’ brain protection packed into simple, sleek, stylish and every-day-wearable intelligent protective headgear.”. She continues “We wanted to create something the athletes could and would want to wear now and every day, not only when the worst – an injury – has happened. There are no short cuts or quick fixes. Developing and applying new thinking and doing today is a must to improve the health and wellbeing of the athletes now, tomorrow and tens of years from now.”

Start the journey towards healthier future today.
For more information on the companies, products and services please visit on the websites or contact:
Gamepatch / BP Sports Ltd. Is a Latvian company specialized in design, development and production of sports protective equipment for multiple sports and for children under brand names Gamepatch, Padhat and BlindSave.
Website: https://eu.game-patch.com

ACT Head Impact Tracker / Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence Ltd is a wearable technology startup from Finland and creator of ACT Head Impact Tracker, measuring device for impact and forces acting on a head while doing sports.
Website: https://www.act-tracker.com